Its been my start I Never care for the Future Since i have only my presence in the present and no more with the past too Bored of hearing Such quotes  .. Ha ha what to do Anything you start, Start with a philosophy So i start with my first travel Never know where the […]

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Nomad Is A Night Owl

I Wish There Shouldn't Be Any Emotional Bandwidths In Life. Let's Live For Ourselves Rather Than Being An Addicts Of Someone Or Something I felt something odd within myself, It was not a similar sensation I have in my room. I felt a kind off distraction. It was completely dark and there was a noise... Continue Reading →

Nature Calls

I felt something different after two decades. Every experience in life teaches something different which gives a pleasant feel when we think after years. I'm here inviting my new year in a different manner sitting somewhere inside the tent, Listening to the Rainy tunes when the droplets hits the top surface of the tent., The... Continue Reading →

Ceaser Is A Jester

Continued....I Ignited my engine, just having the mental picture of my stay I accelerated my horse, the cold air hit us and it started to drizzle again. I reached the junction road from there the treasure hunt started again. I literally had no idea where I wanted to go since I dont understand the Google... Continue Reading →

“Caeser Is Single”

It’s dark in the midnight. I’m just lying on the bed as if my eyelids got arrested; My eye balls didn’t move anywhere while continuously watching the ceiling of my room. It’s all done for the day, yet I am hearing the annoying noises in my eardrum. Will my melodrama ever end? Will I be... Continue Reading →

Am I Alive?

When life spoofs you with different bane there will be few quick fix. I chose one of the known ways of eliminating, actually rather than elimination I can say it's like a counter measure since I couldn't find the root cause. Yeah the people who know me would have guessed .. its "TRAVEL" Few Sail,... Continue Reading →

The Jungle

I relax in a zoo everyday. Where I find too many different creatures that no one has noticed. Yeah even if people try to notice the animals getting transformed into another creature within a particular interval. I hope they are well trained in a Wizardry. One fine day I managed to see a rabbit which... Continue Reading →

Pawsitivity 🐾

In the world of so many living creatures, few are versatile in their own way. Few are generous Few are stingy Life have to move on according to the circumstance. I don't have any obligation over those happenings that exist in our eco - system. Yet in particular there is a living creature that is... Continue Reading →


How come the world is getting faster and faster with all sort of technologies and inventions... Between when speaking about technology there is a device which had turned world upside down. Have you guessed what it is ? Mobile Phones & Internet.. It made the world shrunken like even a person from south pole can... Continue Reading →

“Thirst Of Life “

It’s been so long I haven’t ignited the engine of thoughts. Got some thoughts to penetrate in the world of papers and pens. Just sitting on the sofa of my living room no one else is creating noise other than the swinging ceiling fan. Few years back I met someone in my life indeed became... Continue Reading →

“A Rhythm Of Love”

Inhaling the fresh air, Getting into the visions of beauty, The greenish mountains, The droplets of water that fall from miles higher. A rhythm played in the moving screens exposed me as a nature lover. A cam on the shoulders, A cap on my head, Shoes that never get tied up. Wandering on the foreign... Continue Reading →

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