Its been my start I Never care for the Future Since i have only my presence in the present and no more with the past too Bored of hearing Such quotes  .. Ha ha what to do Anything you start, Start with a philosophy So i start with my first travel Never know where the […]

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Nomad Is A Night Owl

I Wish There Shouldn't Be Any Emotional Bandwidths In Life. Let's Live For Ourselves Rather Than Being An Addicts Of Someone Or Something I felt something odd within myself, It was not a similar sensation I have in my room. I felt a kind off distraction. It was completely dark and there was a noise... Continue Reading →

Nature Calls

I felt something different after two decades. Every experience in life teaches something different which gives a pleasant feel when we think after years. I'm here inviting my new year in a different manner sitting somewhere inside the tent, Listening to the Rainy tunes when the droplets hits the top surface of the tent., The... Continue Reading →

Ceaser Is A Jester

Continued....I Ignited my engine, just having the mental picture of my stay I accelerated my horse, the cold air hit us and it started to drizzle again. I reached the junction road from there the treasure hunt started again. I literally had no idea where I wanted to go since I dont understand the Google... Continue Reading →

“Caeser Is Single”

It’s dark in the midnight. I’m just lying on the bed as if my eyelids got arrested; My eye balls didn’t move anywhere while continuously watching the ceiling of my room. It’s all done for the day, yet I am hearing the annoying noises in my eardrum. Will my melodrama ever end? Will I be... Continue Reading →

Her Name “Kanmani”

Time is running out. Sun is about to wind up his work for the day. I was laughing unknowingly. Became insane too. Do you know why I was like this?, The answer is at the end of the previous blog. Meeting was planned by 7.00p.m. Reached the spot 15min earlier. I"ll be the one who... Continue Reading →


It had been a long time since heavy rain had demolished my place. I felt the chilliness in air, I know the storm is going to strike again. Precautions has been taken but still struggling. So this is not all about climatic conditions and my Environment. It's about a lonely heart in search of its... Continue Reading →

Am I Alive?

When life spoofs you with different bane there will be few quick fix. I chose one of the known ways of eliminating, actually rather than elimination I can say it's like a counter measure since I couldn't find the root cause. Yeah the people who know me would have guessed .. its "TRAVEL" Few Sail,... Continue Reading →

The Jungle

I relax in a zoo everyday. Where I find too many different creatures that no one has noticed. Yeah even if people try to notice the animals getting transformed into another creature within a particular interval. I hope they are well trained in a Wizardry. One fine day I managed to see a rabbit which... Continue Reading →

Pawsitivity 🐾

In the world of so many living creatures, few are versatile in their own way. Few are generous Few are stingy Life have to move on according to the circumstance. I don't have any obligation over those happenings that exist in our eco - system. Yet in particular there is a living creature that is... Continue Reading →


How come the world is getting faster and faster with all sort of technologies and inventions... Between when speaking about technology there is a device which had turned world upside down. Have you guessed what it is ? Mobile Phones & Internet.. It made the world shrunken like even a person from south pole can... Continue Reading →

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