1. 20170115_103808.jpgIts been my start

I Never care for the Future Since i have only my presence in the present and no more with the past too

Bored of hearing Such quotes .. Ha ha what to do Anything you start, Start with a philosophy

So i start with my first travel

Never know where the path leads, May be my decision to the destination may not be wise. Thrill doesn’t start with a wise decision. Since anything you had a planned or being at a safe zone doesn’t give you any sort of thrill or pleasure.

Yeah mine is the same case. I choose the destination but i never planned how it start and end.

Including three of my buddies started to kodagu hills by 11pm. As i said we had no plans of the destination which lead us to tragedy.

So lemme end this today and will catch you up on the next blog so i will let you know how things went wrong and right. Did i reach the destination as well as did i return home safe.

😎😎😎😎 🏍

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“A Wanderlust Soul”

Am I a wanderer?
Do I explore?
Do I know what’s meant by travel?
Buddies say I’m a traveller but my soul doesn’t insist. Do I get innerpeace when I travel?. What kind of travel I do?. What methodology I presume?. Life is always like a Q & A book! never ending questions, but whether we get the answeres… for everything is again a question mark. From the beginning you might have known that I’m in a confused state.
Few more questions need to be raised but will stop since it’s not a blog to enrich knowledge, it’s just an experience sharing platform of mine. Still I’m in need of asking one last question to all my readers.
What does travel is all about whether crossing miles or attaining wisdom?.
My soul answered initially that it is about crossing miles, meeting new people, refreshing in different climatic conditions, eating what we get instead of craving for delicious food. This is all travel taught me these many days. But travel is something different that leads to the path of wisdom. It creates a passion of love for life. I had been a Nomad for past few years. Even though I travel it gave me temporary happiness only a sort of stress reliever I can say.
Once I met a person, oh no! I apologize I met my friend who is a Nomad like me. We had few rides together. The way he pointed about travel was totally different from mine. Will distinguish what’s the difference first so that you will get a clear idea.
Me : I rash drive during rides
Friend : I drive slow during rides
Me : Distance matters to me in travel
Friend : Shortening the ride according to the time calculation gives satisfaction
Me : I had seen too many places so I call myself a traveller
Friend : I had visited few places so I think am a traveller too.
Me : When Destination is reached I used to comeback since I get very less time to explore
Friend : My destinations are well planned so I relax for a while and comeback.
Now you will know which is the best. Yeah we had a day out to a place called varagamapadi near aanaikatti. Just a few miles from home. As usual we had our breakfast and started around 11.00 a.m. We just marked a place in the Google maps and started our travel. Destination is planned, so we know how much time it will consume to reach. But the thing is we don’t know what’s there to look for. This is all about a unknown Destination, lesser the information the more the thrill. Eventhough if there is nothing we will smile and comeback. I insist you all that don’t look for places that gives a tourist feel. Once you want to travel look for places which you never heard of, never crowded, never popularized. So that you will get time to relax the beauty of nature and also without polluting the environment.
I’m sorry just had moved somewhere from the topic, we will get into it now. What happened there is as I said there was nothing on the other end. We had plans to get into the forest but due to time constraints and few more reasons we came back. While returning from the place we saw a small channel. Water was travelling from somewhere we followed the water flow. Into the rocks actually. It was like a small trek. Atlast we reached a place which made us mesmerised. A small water pool was there. A grass land and few pillar rocks were there. We sat there for few hours. What actually happened is we felt the innerpeace literally. I had travelled thousand of miles those places gave me happiness but not the inner peace.
It created a created an eternal love for the place. Those hours made me jealous on nature as too, how cool she is! How beautiful she was! I just laid down on a rock surrounded by trees. It gave a clear view of sky too. Blue sky, greenish trees, pure water, cool breeze, silence, even the falling of leaves to the ground can be heard. God had so many plans for us. I think he is creating magics every moment.
Just thinking of the girl whom I miss. A day without her made me pissed off but with the help of mother nature I was happy to the core I can say.
Eventhough the day had a dull start at the end of the day I had a great time spent. Thanks to my Friend “Ram” for teaching me so many things and making me understand the essence of real travel.
One last thing made me stunned was he said we will thank this place for giving us all we wanted. But I don’t know how to thank the mother nature. What can we payback. He made it very simple. It surprised me to the core and created a huge respect over him. I felt proud to be a friend of him. What he said was we will thank by collecting the plastics and glass bottles to our limits and throw them in a dustbin so that nature will be free from plastics and the animals will not get hurt with those broken glass pieces. Omg! What an amazing thing it is I’m still thinking how he got such an idea may be it is a normal thing as a person. But the happiness that I got after collecting and disposing the waste materials was eternal. Some x-factor I can say.

From that day my vision to the travel had changed, A wanderlust soul is trying to attain wisdom rather than wasting money in visiting places that gives nothing return. Travel where ever you want but think that whether you can pay back something to the place that gave you happiness. Thank you all for reading my experience about travel. Will catch you with the next blog with few more interesting stuffs.

It’s Kanmani’s Tom signing off.

Her Name “Kanmani”

Time is running out. Sun is about to wind up his work for the day. I was laughing unknowingly. Became insane too. Do you know why I was like this?, The answer is at the end of the previous blog. Meeting was planned by 7.00p.m. Reached the spot 15min earlier. I”ll be the one who comes late every time all my buddies know me well how bad I’m in punctuality. But this time I’ll never be late first meeting is precious right. These are things happening in the physical world. How my state of mind would have been ?. I should answer this for sure. Listen!

If you had checked for the heart beats for sure the results would have given you heart attack

There is someone sitting on the bike in a roadside and blushing like a mad. You know who it’s? It’s me!

It was thirsty like I had run for 10kms
Nervous system collapsed like I had brain tumours or like my soul got isolated from my body.

I can say I’m living dead.

Phone call of her gave me even more earthquakes. Once I heard her voice at once I started smiling like a jester. She had the same feel I think. We were blushing like anything. Who knows we would have become mad. She had reached the spot. Boomerang was the plan. Just two streets away from the place where I stood. You know what I did? I started to move somewhere in the opposite direction. Then only I realised I’m in a wrong route. Oh my supreme power show some mercy on me. Now I’m just narrating the scenario which had happened 10 or 20 days ago. You know what my fingers are trembling still to type the words. I have too many girl friends but first time I’m getting this much heart attacks. Atlast I found the place. Parked my bike and made a call to her. She asked me to get in. Actually I forgot to tell her friend is also coming with her. I don’t know really how I could have managed both. Just 10 steps to the entrance of the ice cream parlour. But my heart is pounding like I had a marathon run. I lost my energy I didn’t have stamina to open the door. I can hear my inner voice insisting me not to be shaky, be normal. To be frank one can never be usual if he is getting into those lightning looks. I bet you people too. LOL!

Greeted both. Ordered ice creams for three of us. Suddenly I met her eyes. What had happened in me I don’t know. My world had stopped it’s functions. As I said in my last blog I will describe about her looks now. This will be the perfect time.

Millions of butterflies started flying when she started to speak.

Night lights got dim when she produced some lightning smiles.

One can survive even if he falls from world’s tallest tower but not with eyes of a girl. Old quote but right now my words are also failing to describe my feel.

Those red roses where playing with the scoop of ice cream.

I absorbed each and every move of her like she chanted some charm on me

So what else let me elaborate even more… It was like sitting in-between millions of roses which never gets faded up even in the evening.

She is pretty. A mole on her cheek added even more grace. Who said only heaven had winsomeness people, come I’ll show you which is more elegant, to live with this girl or with the angels in heaven. Never knew how things are turning up like a beautiful poem of Shakespeare’s. You know what nomad is becoming a poet when he looks into her each and every second.

She is framing how my days are to be

She is the only person to give meaning to all my creativity.

No words can be enough in my terms to describe her decorum or looks.
I call her “Kanmani” and you know what I’m just mentioning a name of someone for the first time in my blog. I don’t know whether you people had noticed.

Life is all about changes if it’s bad accept it and if it’s good live with it. And I’m living with her each and every second. So what else is next I don’t have a conclusion to this. Still Everything is of twists and turns.

I can say she is a witch who is literally chanting charms on me. Words are getting drained up. No matter what I wish or I desire.

Life is a school. Memories are the lessons we learn. One day we have to revise it for the final examination. I’m sure that it’s going to be a open challenge how my results are going to be.

Will I be with Kanmani?

Will I be alone?

Answers are still hypothetical.
Am I predicting next moments of my life?. I don’t know what’s my next blog is about. Hope you enjoyed my travel with her.

And I thank you Kanmani for everything. I’m not sure this blog will fill you with mixed feel. But the things I described aren’t to impress or prove my stuffs. It’s all about you and you only.

#Nomad signing off #

Life to Love and to be Loved


It had been a long time since heavy rain had demolished my place. I felt the chilliness in air, I know the storm is going to strike again. Precautions has been taken but still struggling. So this is not all about climatic conditions and my Environment. It’s about a lonely heart in search of its wanderlust soul. Yes I couldn’t calm myself I literally had too many flirts still a few days back. Now I’m not in the same plot where I use to be. Felt to be normal and winded up too many things.

Unexpectedly things slowly focussed on the other side. It was normal situation for a flirt like me, when a girl starts to text. Initially I had no ideas on her decorum, lol social networking doesn’t reveal the nature of someone. What I did is made my views clear. Didn’t hide anything about my past or present. She became a regular visitor to my Instagram. from then.

Beautiful beginning doesn’t need to be magical. She too didn’t hide anything she was humble and honest. First I will reveal her character then about her looks. She is a chatter box, She is Adorable, Admirable angel with cute funny stuffs. Within a month of period we exchanged our numbers. First five or six days I didn’t make a call to her number. Since it ‘ll not be good to interact with a girl and disturb her in a short period of time. So after a week, Diwali celebrations were happening. My heart urged to call and wish her. Made a phone call to convey Diwali wishes. “A sweet gentle audio wave created some vibrance into the ear drum of mine”. But I didn’t react much, made a wish to her and hung up. Since she was busy with her households.

There the things had a start, she promised me that she will call me the next day and she did too. It was one fine evening she was in some issues her bro was not feeling well. She was taking care of him. So it took time to speak to me. But unknowingly we spoke for nearly 2hrs. I know we were literally laughing like mad. Everyday from morning to the evening she filled me with her thoughts. I never had been in a magical world before. Yes she is doing everything which I’m aching for years. From the dawn to the fall my mobile had no rests at all. I had charged my mobile thrice in a day.

“I think my heart beats are normal only when mobile gave notifications of her”.So I don’t know whether my mobile had a indirect connection with the heart. A small change my mobile didn’t it’s she who had connections to my heart.

Now you people say what I have to do to handle this scenario!

Should I call her and speak 24/7?

Should I be the best person in her life?

All the questions are to be answered. LOL I’m making you all mad too I think.

We planned for a meetup.
All set done a sudden call for the meet created millions of butterflies in my soul.

Did I meet her?

What will be the next moments of my life?

Is there some grace from the supreme power yet to shower?

Will Tel you all in my next blog. With smile it’s Nomad Signing off.

“Devil’s on my way”

Yeah! The time is running out. Our plan was to start by 9’o clock but it was getting late. We wanted to replace one of the bikes which was in extremely bad condition. So we waited until they replaced. Each and every second was like standing on fire. I couldn’t control my eagerness towards the land of heaven. It’s not going to be ease any ways. Whoopee! Everything was set and we started to throttle exactly by 1’o clock in the mid noon.

A trip of Twists and Turns

A Hill of Heaven

A Place of Glory

One Mantra on every rider’s heart

Buddies with a roar started in a high traffic metropolitan – Delhi. Finished our lunch somewhere in a highway dhaba. Each and every time when we had chats on our plan to LEH, people used to stare at us like we were doing something out of limits. We know it was not easy to complete it in 8 days, but we had our confidence otherwise called as over-confidence. Okies it’s time to resume the ride we had 300 more kilometres to end our first day plan i.e. to reach “Pathankot”. Actually I was sitting at the backseat, my friend wanted to ride for a while. Two bikes and four members, each pair had different ideas. My friend and I had a plan i.e. till Pathankot he would be riding and from there to downhill I would ride. And they had the plan of shuffling at intervals.

Lol! Just thinking that everything was smooth until the devil called fate start to play its role for the second time. I think it was around 5’o clock in the evening, the sun was preparing for the downfall. Feeling the fresh air as pillion and it was a rare case where I had never been a pillion rider in my playback trips. I started singing (Shout) to loud suddenly we had a brake in-between. It was weird there was no one in the road too why he had to stop?

Oh my God! There was no petrol. My buddy thought that the petrol was in Main condition and we will fill it up once it switched to reserve. Wow! How brainy we were? Without even noticing the selection we ourselves got into a decision. You might think! You could have called your friends. But they were 10kms ahead. Initially we had thought it was some other issue and checked with spark plug. Then only we found there was no flow in the petrol tube. In the mean while they had travelled 10 or 12kms from us. We asked them to stop where they were currently. Now we had to search for the petrol station.

Bike with no petrol was not a new scenario for me. I had been in such situation many times in my home town. He stood with the bags and I started to search the petrol pump with that buffalo (Bike). Sweating like anything and at last I had found the petrol station. I was just pushing it with all my force and reached you know what he said in the petrol pump created some earthquakes in my heart. There was no petrol in the station you have to walk one more kilometre to fill it up. Oh my supreme power show some mercy on me I couldn’t push this anymore. The answer is no ways you have to do this if you want to move further. Again I started with wet shirts with sweat. Finally he heard I think a guy with his friend asked me what happened and I said petrol got empty he just tow my bike till petrol pump. This is the pleasure of travelling in a place where no one knows your name. He helped me with humanity apart from all.

Travel gives you happiness even though if it troubles you in many ways. Once again we throttled and met them summarised all those happenings had a cup of tea. Now the time is around 10.15 in the night had a halt to have dinner. Still 150kms to Pathankot. During our dinner we planned for the stay in Pathankot and booked it too. After dinner things started to change. Again there was a shortfall in plan. You know what “Devil is on my way”

Catch you all with the next blog with all those crazzy stuffs to reach the land of heaven.

A Tale “Roadies to Rider’s”

Life is all of a play. If you lose something at one part, you will have something to get cherished on the other part. Yeah things started to sooth by travelling like a mad. Yeah after my break up I found my passion which I’m fond off. It’s not that because of love that didn’t last long. I think it’s due to my heart that start aching to get into the next episodes of my life.

Now I’m somewhere on the trip to the tip of the country. You might guessed it . Aren’t you? Yeah you are right the place of sunrise. Kannyakumari with my Pals. I’m not going to bore you with all those boredom stories. Since the travel to heaven “LEH” has some interconnection.

One of my buddy started to speak about our past wanderings. Yeah he had travelled nearly 3000 Kms with me that includes three to four long rides. Actually he had plans to visit some foreign countries by next year (2016-2017). When he said I was much interested, since you know I’m a “Nomad. Lol. No one said! so I say myself. Since the budget will be high we thought to take a long term which is by “Dec2k17”. But by “Jan” plans started to change why not to “LEH”. Yeah that’s how plans were tossed up.

Even waiting for a proposal will not give this pleasure. When you are anticipated for something that’s going to happen after six months things will be like floating somewhere on the mid air. So the day is getting closer. Each and every dawn gave me pleasure. We booked our tickets to Delhi on May 21st. The plan is all set on June 17th we are going to start it from Delhi.

Four of us each started from different parts had plans to meet directly at Delhi. Two will be reaching by 15th night. Rest two by 16th night. So the persons Reaching first has to check for the bikes. Since it is hired, condition to be cross checked before. The ride will get fumbled up if bikes were into mess. Two were checking for bikes at Karol Bagh. I’m at office doing my regular stuffs since climbing Mt.Everest is easier than getting permission’s for vacation.

My flight is by 7pm on 16th July. Lots of last moment discussions and I got my permission for vacation. Mean while I left them in Karol Bagh right. What happened there is massacre. I know these two going to do something crazzy. As I wish we are ahead to start by 10 am of June 17th things were upside down. One of the bike was really terrible I felt like abusing them with 1000’s of words. It was the first thing from where the drama had throttled up.

Fly with wings of your own

I’ll let you know the meaning of the quote or let you know by yourself in the end. Will catch you all with next blog into land of heaven.

A Swindler called “Romeo”



We Started our ride somewhere in the capital of Tamil Nadu. In-between she asked to stop somewhere near “Khadims” a footwear shop. She asked to select footwear for me. I refused that I’m already having a pair. But she said I had plans to get for you. After purchase we came out and had our breakfast. Once q12we done we just started to a shopping mall. Again a surprise was waiting for me there too. She went inside “Max” and asked me to pick a shirt. I felt guilty since I didn’t want my girl to spend for me, since she was living alone without her parent’s aid.

That’s what love is all about, she never expected anything in return. She did with pure love!, An eternal love! I can say this is like

Eternal! ‘love’ is letting your life in Heaven”

She holded my hands, It was a perfect touch I can say it. I heard some lyrics of a song from Two states, (English version)

“Spellbound this mind speaks only your name

She was completely in love. Whatever she does there was a hidden thing called love. I noticed her moves, each and every turn resembled her care for me. We were in food court, she was cool, caring, with bliss. Those moments were still giving a chill feel to my heart. I dropped her near the PG. Should I ask her to leave? without even giving her a small gift in remembrance of our first meet. Yeah me too packed a small gift for her but didn’t show it to her. She started walking, I called her she turned, I gave her a gift surprisingly. Its nothing when it compared, but she accepted it whole heartedly. She is satisfied with what I gave thats what my girl is all about. She never expected anything from me. All she needed is a care from her prince.

Back to PG, got refreshed had dinner. We two started home again by Sunday night 7p.m. Everything is turning to be a dream. How crazy I’m? I had slept only 3 hrs in past two days. While returning I stopped in each and every tea shop. I was too tired. I couldn’t drive, still I had 300kms to home. My state of mind a day back was like ‘Romeo In Wonderland’

Now I’m calling myself “Pagal In wonderland”.

Even though I’m restless her gentle touch made me feel fresh. Perfect eye contacts, if you wanted to be happy love a girl that’s all is enough. She will give you wonders. But the thing is whether it lasts long? . Why I’m saying this is, that was the last day I saw her. Upcoming moments will be an annoying part.

I’m sorry I didn’t know what to do. I’m coward, A Swindler, I should reveal those moments, which is prickling my heart for a long time. Things were smooth till my birthday that’s after a month after her meet. Then everything started to turn upside down. I was irritated with myself as well as with the society, More importantly I started thinking whether there is any possibilities that this relationship will end up to a positive note. All the doors were shut, Low earnings, No proper shelter, No I’m not a perfect match to her. So I just started avoiding her. I didn’t reply to her texts, never answered her phone calls. All of a sudden everything was upside down.

Till that I didn’t how break ups would be like. I felt like my heart was pumping pins instead of blood. I had such a pain inside. Oh ! My girl why should I do this. I didn’t even have courage to reveal all those things to her. I’m feeling guilty still for being a coward like that. I even conveyed those things with one of her friends, not to her one on one. I’m sorry for what I did. I’m missing you terribly. I’m sorry for what I did. I’m no more into the world of love.

I can tell you all, please don’t be like me. A coward who had crushed a heart indirectly. I pray to the supreme power so that her upcoming days should be fine. I miss you forever. Don’t worry I’ll never be a barrier anymore. These moments were hardships in a masquiline life.

I’m a Nomad Were she was an Invader

Conquered a few lands but

Now I’m somewhere, ‘coz Nomad

doesn’t have a land to stay and rest.

From there I’m moved on to a long distance in my life. To love someone and to beloved is a wish in everyone’s life. Anyways I had some flourishing moments with her. I’m regretting myself and I love you from the bottom of my heart. May be I had broken her heart into pieces, I’m not going to recollect everything and form it again but I’ll be a scar which will never get erased.

And thanks for joining with me in the journey of love. Upcoming weeks will be interesting since we are on the way to”Himalayas A Land Of Heaven”. Catch you all with the next blog.

A travel that brings you eternity.

Romeo In Wonderland


20170621181152_IMG_4475Few days we had fights. Few days we loved. Few days we cried. Everything was fine. We never talked 24/7 like all the bae’s did with their beloved since we had known each other for years. It doesn’t mean that those who are in love must be interacting the whole day. Discussing each and everyday stuffs, doesn’t mean that they are in deep love. Even if there is no conversation, no eye contact our soul should search her each and every second. I didn’t mean having conversations 24/7 is wrong, but that shouldn’t be a protocol in love. So we had conversations daily but they didn’t last long.

It was on a midnight i was somewhere on the terrace of my buddy’s home. Got a call from her, all were with their dream girl and myself with the girl of my dreams too. We were talking and talking it had become 2a.m. yet conversation didn’t end and i didn’t feel like ending it up. First time i heard something from her. You know what it is the first time she spelt those magical terms. With a blush that all the girls use to do when they express themselves, I can’t say she is totally different. She is very orthodox, keen, loving, etc etc. She said I love You for the first time over phone call. I was dancing with the sparkling stars, singing with the cool breeze, totally felt like life will be simple if everything goes fine like this now and Forever.

She asked about my first love, instead of being possessive, she listened with whole attention things became senti’. I had droplets in my eyes i didn’t showoff since i didn’t wanted her to feel like someone else is important than her. I shuffled the topics to make her comfortable. Now family, flashbacks, everything opened up she listened with patience. I know she is sweet. The time was 4 a.m. now, i didn’t want her to strain much. Finally we slept. Still I remember the place where I sat and had those everlasting conversations. You know that a magician called love is playing lots of mixed dramas in me.

But still I’m in a confused state, Whether the story will end up with smiles or tears. However, now i’m planning to meet her. Sorry we had plans to hang out. She was 500 kms away from me. Once she nodded her head for meet up, the first thing came in my mind is how am I going? whether by bus or train? . You all know that i’m addicted to travel but only with bikes. She’ll never allow such crazzy stuffs. But I’m a pagal as you all know. I pretended myself that i can’t travel by bus i’ll become sick. Finally she nodded her head. Yes , I’m excited! A ride to meet my jaan that too so far made me crazzy. Waited for the day to come,

Two souls getting united by Two wheels”

perfect quote for ride. I can say myself😉

So the ride started one fine saturday night with my buddy. I was excited to the core. A night ride, To meet your girl friend will be like Romeo In Wonderland

Roads became fairy land

Wheels became Wings

Heart became drums

So i can say it was like a ride to heaven where my angel exists. Lot of things where running in my mind, I’m gng to meet her for the first time after we started loving each other. Wanted to look into her eyes. Hold her hands. Catch her eyes that slip out from me in shy. To take my queen in my chariot. To have conversations which we never had before. So everything is set. I reached there by 5a.m. . Went to my friend’s pg. Slept for few hours. Ready to meet her now. Left my buddy in room and started.

Reached her place and waited. She came, neatly dressed! as usual. She smiled and I did in return too. Held my shoulders. We planned to go for a shopping mall. She was nervous and scared. I know she is not comfortable with bike ride. Only for my sake she said yes, she felt like all were staring. She started blabbering in fear. I was comforting her, I’m with you don’t worry, nothing ‘ll go wrong.

So did this happiness and magics last long? , Will let you know in my next blog. Catch you soon….

(To be continued)

Romeo Confesses


Yeah I had opened up till my proposal to her in “Caesar’s Riddle” . I’m not eagerly waiting for the answers since I know she loves me too. But the thing is her family in both of our minds. Before she started to say “No” i filled up each and every sentence very clearly. Let me sum up shortly.

I know you are not mine forever but i couldn’t stop telling that I truly madly deeply in love with you.

I know you can’t say “Yes” at the same time i’ll also never will push you to do that.

I know you wish to be The princess in your dad’s hands rather being a queen in my Soul

I know I can’t cheat your family since they are all my mine too.

Anyways i’m glad that i opened up something that has been prickling my heart for a long time. Eventhough we open up everything I felt like few more is missing. Lols sometime a long paragraph feels like a single sentence. Searching for the appropriate words were a bit trouble. Eventhough i can’t say everything, all my heart wanted is a sleep since i didn’t sleep for the whole night thinking what will happen if i say all these stuffs. Yeah i remember it was in the early morning some where in a hotel at “Agra”. Shajahan did some magic in me so that i had courage to open up everything.

Things were smooth for a year from my proposal. She didn’t say Yes at the same time she didn’t say No too. Genics are good in this they can easily confuse our state of mind, but they will be clear with their decisions. My state of mind for a year was how this relationship is going to be in future will she add my name with her or with someone. Finally I was completely sinked in the boat called love. I left her without even saying reasons. I felt like if this continues i cant bare to see her holding someone’ hand. Smiling with him. Sharing all her stuffs with someone.

Three months i didn’t text her, I didn’t call her. At the same time i avoided her texts and calls. Reading her old conversations were the only thing that gave me peace. It filled my surrounding with her smiles and memories. I heard that if you are in love with someone, they said all the girls in the world will be like her let me try to change this phrase it ‘ll be like whom so ever falls in your eyes it’s your heart pursues that it is she and makes you jester .

I don’t want to bore you anymore. Finally those three months silence made me comfortable. I texted her atlast. There everything started. She cried, she said those magical terms.

She confessed that I never thought I’ll be this sick when you were not with me. Each and every beat of my heart reminded me of your name. I’m completely living in a desert of sands where i haven’t been. Finally i heard those terms I Love You. Please don’t leave me ever. I can’t even imagine a life without you. Now what should i say i became a imperative. My heart started to beat faster. To be frank in a second millions of questions raised in my heart. I’m emotional too this is all i wanted to hear. But now the thing is I left her to make me strong, but now everything is upside down.

I accepted it too finally. We started to float in the mid air as in fairy tales. Those three months helped her to realize the need of me in her life. Things are different with me now a fear indulges with me whether i’m capable of going through this. Am I pagal, to think this late. Now we both are in different poles, her love to me was unimaginable and the fear of me towards the end is unpredictable.

Being a masculine I should be brave enough to tackle all those stuffs, eventhough its my nature i’m not a coward but a sentimental idiot who didn’t want to spoil a family for my own sake . Apart from everything there was fantastic bliss between us. You know what even now I’m smiling about the past that makes me greedy too. Will catch you with my agony in next blog.

Oh ! My Holy Grail



Virginal Vampire i tried to express my feelings in my own way. This is how things persuaded with me. I got new dimensions to my life. I got friends, I got new things which can be expressed in a single term life. I felt like a new born baby when i saw the sun rise at a point where no one had dreamt off. Life is a single EMI plan that god had given you for few years. The truth is we can payback only with happiness that blossoms wherever you travel.

Do you think it is that easy to travel?.. I’ll say yes if I’m a masculine and no if I’m a gynic. It doesn’t mean that gynic are inferior to masculine. It’s the factor of various considerations. There are few who break those considerations and live the life they wanted rest are inside the pit where they are neither buried nor shout for help where none is there too. I can say that gynic are special creature some supreme power had visualized. But now i don’t think that supreme power is still playing it’s role.

Let me try to spot out few things. Answer me honestly

Do only Masculine have the potential to rough it out?

Has Supreme power given wisdom only to Masculine?

Is there any vedas or any other holy books sayings gynic that are not allowed to look into the world?

Many more is yet to be spotted out but let me wind up with this. For me, Its like building everlocked cage and thinking that bird is happy inside since you had constructed a angelic barrier. It’s not happiness, They attain the wisdom only when they open their wings to fly against the fresh air. Then only the bird attains its birth right. Even though you satisfy your betterhalf, or your daughter, or your girl friend, or your mother, or whom so ever you meet in your life, ask them, if they are living with soul satisfication?.

I have many gynic friends who get jealous when i say i had been here and there, all those breath taking moments, crazzy stuffs etc. The only thing that comes from them is you are blessed. Why not you?(Inner Voice), You are enjoying your life. Why not you?(IV). You are living life you want it to be. Why not you?(IV). The readers know the answer c’mon gynic are slaves right. Break these arrogant things. I think there is something fundamentally wrong with our ethos where gynic’s are caged. Leave them also to reach some other dimensions.

I can understand why still n number of parents deny to allow their princess even for a school excursion. The ultimate thing is fear of masculine and society. Even the gynic’s are scared to show off. I’m damn sure that 10/100 masculines makes a mistake and the rest try to live with it until something happens to their own. This blog is not to clean those garbages. Just to figureout the feelings of those who had shared with me. If you feel uncomfortable, take her to the safest places that you feel to be safe. Allow them to explore, Since they are having feelings that cannot be done until it happen.

I Promise my girl that i’ll not let her inside a box and say it’s life. I’ll backpack with her where ever she wanted too. I’ll show all those crazzy things she would have missed in her past. I’ll let her drive my horse, Let us listen to the music somewhere on the narrow roads where there is no one to examine. Let me lightup the candle on her b’day somewhere in the mid lake!.. When she wants the silence i’ll take her to a beach of where there is no one and let her listen to wave dances. I think it gives the silence that no one else can. I want a life to explore, to love, and to be loved. Let me kiss her where i can see her lighted up than the full moon.

My expectations are endless. But let me pray to the supreme power that i should get a girl who will be happy to backpack with me.

Last three weeks i had expressed all about me, hope you enjoyed. Next blog is all about my break up and a start to new voyage.


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