1. 20170115_103808.jpgIts been my start

I Never care for the Future, since I have only my presence in the present and no more with the past too

Bored of hearing Such quotes .. Ha ha what to do Anything you start, Start with a philosophy

So I start with my first travel

Never know where the path leads, May my decision to the destination might not be wise. Thrill doesn’t start with a wise decision isn’t it?. Since anything you had planned or being at a safe zone doesn’t give you any sort of thrill or pleasure.

Yeah mine is the same case. I choose the destination but i never planned how it start and end.

Including three of my buddies started to kodagu hills by 11pm. As i said we had no plans of the destination which lead us to tragedy.

So lemme end this today and will catch you up on the next blog so i will let you know how things went wrong and right. Did i reach the destination as well as did i return home safe.



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  1. To travel is to like a journey inside ourselves…😛Travel is the only thing you buy..can make you rich..world is yours…Go head buddy😍Passion#like minded idiots…

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