So as we started few discussion were between us in choosing the path. I had plans to go via ooty and rest of the three going to nodded their heads, Since they trust me. Don’t think am a genius ‘coz they have no other go.

As we were to start fate had different ideas. It came in a full fledge. I might correct it, it’s not fate its a friend of mine who just threw a stone in clear water and made it clumsy. Now we were 5 in the team and the last one has just come for send off. He said better you people go via Bangalore since its a highway.

Choose a wise one better to go by hills or by plains. Except me all the three were became dolls to a magician. I thought i should also accept it.

So we had our supper and Started via bangalore highways i.e salem, bangalore then to coorg. Happily started with a selfie as usual by 11p.m.

While reaching salem,  stopped to have a sip of tea. So we had some conversation the meanwhile. One of my friend asked a valid question???. How far is coorg from bengaluru. So I had asked the same doubt with google which gave a petrified answer. I became frenetic Since it is 238 kms from bengaluru. You may ask why the hell I’m getting frenetic. I have answers but before that i wanted to use some fowl language on the one who ruined my dream of going to coorg. It is just 300 kms from my place to coorg if we had chose via ooty.. Now we have to travel a 385kms to bengaluru and from there to coorg again a 238kms. Now you too will feel lamented  at our pathetic condition.

Again we wanted a solution from google and searched for some other ways to reach coorg. So we chose a route i.e via Mettur, Mahadeshwarabetta, Mysore, Coorg.

See you will have  a very easy options to reach your destiny. But when you listen to a voice other than your innorvoice you have to suffer like us. Even then we didnt lose hope. We started again with the help of GPS we tracked Mettur from there we reached a Hills. Until then we didn’t had any kind of urge to move soon since we didnt know we had to climb a hill to reach coorg in a path which we haven’t experienced a before. I prayed to all supreme power’s in the world. We crosssed the Tamilnadu border by 2.00a.m. we switched off our vehicle lights there we felt real goose bumbs. I couldn’t see Even the person near me. That was that dark in the midnight.

We asked the person in checkpost whether it is safe to use this way, he just nodded his head in halfsleep. Even before asking for the next question he fell asleep again. We were looking at us it means that only the teeth and eyes are the only visible features.

Things you learn from travel is to never giveup it may be pathetic nor frenetic. So we started again half mindedly we didn’t know what will be the next nuclear bomb. We started climbing the hill. We hiked a few distance there were no people lolz you might ask how could a mankind can survive there??  but with a falsehope we had to look for help. Each and every turn made us frenetic. There were no mankind instead there were boards that had symbols of DANGER, i.e. TIGER CROSSING ZONE, ELEPHANTS CROSSING  ZONE. ETC ETC…. We thought that if we were still alive till the morning it’s like a life of 100 years.

3 crossed and 4 too.. it became 5. Slowly it started dawning. It’s not the sun that rises in the east it’s our lives. Atlast we reached the plains by 7a.m.. I think god had few more ideas to push us into hurdles. Lets see what is on the next door. (To be continued..)


22 thoughts on “Phantasm

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  1. Omg what a great experience 😳😳by reading this scenes r coming in front of my eyes.😆😆really aswm ….ji I understood one thing that travel is not a ec thing although it s not ec we wanna experience those moments …….it’s rele interesting waiting fr ur nxt words😊😊😊


  2. Wow bro.. i could visualize where you completely gone lost…. Because I too had such an experience when I was there in baba budangiri, chikmagalur. We were there on top of the hills by 5.00pm nd one of d idiot (companion😉) wanna experience the feel of waterfall when the atmospheric temp. Was around less than 10 degrees. when we get out of waterfall, time was around you don’t believe within a 5 mins of spam the place was completely surrounded by mist. You can’t even see what’s is there next to you (more than 1 meter). We have to drive 40kms downhills where there is no proper road, no fens at the right side and most importantly its a ghat forest. Such a best (sometimes i feel its worst😉😉😉) experience…. We should definitely plan a trip atleast once together…. Waiting😋

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  3. Gud flow…. y u r afraid of those animals… Actually it’s a threatening​ for those animals…. Apart from jokes it’s really interesting….. Waiting

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ha ha…. wt an experience machi… I just wanna to know dat is who gave idea to go coorg via Bangalore… you have to thank him, because of if he didn’t given such idea you wouldn’t be an story writer….😉😉😉 keep travelling and writing machi, soon you will beat Mr.James Boswell….😃

    Liked by 1 person

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