After those nightmares, we survived yet. We had tea since we were driving the whole night in the dark. We again googled so that we don’t want to be a fool again. It doesn’t mean all are same like the guy who led us into tragedy. We are lacked in language now thats why we had no other options. After entering karnataka the only person to whom we clarify is google.

We have to go mysore and from there to coorg. We throttled again, a few happy moments were happening to us its ‘coz it started to drizzle. Even though if you are irked the ambiance around have the potential to change the state of your mind.

An open road with showers from the sky kept us in the rhythm. Now the road started to play each and every sec it gave us bump since we have to search for the road inbetween the pits. You should have been with us at that moment so that you would have felt how hard it was. You might ask why the hell you started then, there the pleasure is thats why we didn’t end it.

Its 134kms ahead to coorg. We had a stop again after reaching the NH. I think we shouldn’t have stopped which inturn our tongues and mind had a twist instead of fate this time it is our MONKEY MINDS. The plan collapsed we are not going ย to coorg now. You might feel after reading this we are real jokers. Yeah we felt the same after the decision. It will not be fair if i didn’t talk to the guy who twisted our minds and ย burnt dream of coorg. Yeah we spoke with all the shit languages via phone call.

So we are not going to coorg then where else did we . Dont think much again to Bengaluru now. Again a 158kms ahead via Mandya. Inbetween nothing much to tell since we lost completely. Empty stomachs, nightmares, plan shuffles, a night without sleep, all of a sudden made us to faint. But we didn’t fall yet.

By 1.30pm we reached Bengaluru . We had our meal after 14 hrs of drive. It is just a six or seven hours journey if we were in the right path. It’s okay no use of thinking the failed decisions. We lodged in hotel somewhere in chitpet. So whats next! atonce we checked in and fell asleep didn’t even wanted to ping anyone, even we forgot ourselves. The story didnt end yet am sorry i thought of ending it. And i too came to know that i have few more things unsaid.

Catch you then with my next blog.

(To be continued)


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