Four Jesters



So as soon as we slept, someone knocked the door. You know who it is ?it is our virtual memories called dream. So the almighty had other ideas to never let me sleep even then i haven’t slept the whole night. Drank a glass of water and slept again with a quilt. No one can stop me this time ‘coz for sure if i didn’t sleep it ‘ll let me to danger.

So we four woke up by 6 in the eve. Had a sip of coffee. Bathed,  Dressed up here you have to ask me where ‘coz we haven’t discussed about what we were about to do in Bengaluru. Nothing much asusual went to a mall in M.G.Road. All we do is window shopping as well looking into girls since  you all know bengaluru girls are splendid.

So after that we had our dinner and started to hotel.  Once we reached, we had one more plan to go to Nandi Hills. Its just 60kms from the place where we were. Atleast this time we shouldn’t fail. So we have to wake up by 4 in the early morning, ‘coz its only worth to watchout the mist that passes throughout the place. Once the sun shines nothing will be there. So we slept again this time no nightmares, we slept happily under the quilts once we finished our plans.

I woke up in a half sleep and checked the time felt a bit concerned of myself that this time also a big collapse now the time is 7.30 in the morning. Too good right you might think never to say yes for a trip if you have folks like this. No more plans now even if we plan we are going to guillotine. We were in hotel till 12 by noon. Checking out then we were going back to our home. Inbetween we wanted to do some shopping at Shivaji Nagar in a nominal.

We were only a few turns left to reach Shivaji nagar. You might think why things are happening in a smooth don’t worry it started to slash again. I’m in a exact direction but the pillion said turn back we have to go back in the same way we were in a wrong route. I said no he said yes. Okay then we just went by the same road again. Cops stopped us, i got trembled since i had copophobia. (Fear of cops) Don’t search in google ‘coz its my invention of word (copophobia). He started writing charge sheet i thought for what and asked him too then only we came to know thatwe were in a NO ENTRY zone. Instead of 100rs they charged us 800rs since it is a Tamilnadu registration vehicle as well as pillion rider also have to wear the helmet. Anyhow they just cheated us by giving 200rs charge sheet and got 800rs. We were too angry that unnecessarily  we lost 800rs. Its all ‘coz of my pillion who asked me to change the route.

Then we went for purchase at Shivaji Nagar. After all these stuffs we decided to go home. We had our meal at 4 in the afternoon. We drove at a very high speed to reach coimbatore asap. We had a stop at every 70kms to rest. At the last stop we had only 85kms ahead to reach Coimbatore. So I said after reaching Karpagam Bypass let me go home rest three go in a single bike. But they hestitated, since they got terrified to go in triples due to copophobia. I had insisted since it is 35kms from my home and i have to come back alone again. In the end i had to compromise for everything which made me irritated.

People are there you have to adjust to them always but you ‘ll not get back anything in return whatever may be the situation is. Now the end, Take a breath I have one more twist with this last 30kms. We met with an accident.

(To be continued…)


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