The Nemesis



We were in the end of three days melodrama. Actually this time accident is not for us, Someone ahead of us got hit by a fourwheeler. He was just 100mtrs ahead from me. In a fraction of secs everything happened. Its not his mistake there was no one except us. He was squirming in pain. I made a phone call to his friend and asked him to come to his spot. The Minivan driver took him to the hospital and i was taking care of his belongings. Lot of things happened inbetween and after solving all the issues i reached hospital to check for his condition. By gods grace he was fine. But his bike had severe damage.

I gave my number to his friends and asked to call me incase of emergency. All done now I have another task to drop the person with me in his home. Rest of the two went in at the start of accident scenario .  So I was in a hectic situation that if i haven’t came by this way I would have reached home and slept happily. Due to these idiots I have to face few more consequences. Okay if you call it fate i call it stupidity of my buddies. Anyways i started towards to his home. There comes the last twist but not the least. Meanwhile i forgot about to fill petrol to my bike. It started to bump in lack of petrol. I thought what the f***.

I started shouting to the one with me. I just tried to my level best to keep my engine on but it failed. But thank god it stopped exactly near a petrol bunk. Smile came into my face. But dont worry fate had other ideas. It was 11.30p.m. so the petrol bunk closed there were no one to show some sympathy. I was literally going mad at the situation. Only thing i can do is shout the one who is wid me and I did that without even leaving a single bad word that i learnt till now.

Okay now another quarrel was going inbetween a drunkard and security guard of a boys hostel. We were watching it at the moment. Drunkards has a supreme power of yelling the same words again and again. He turned to us I asked him what happened. All of a sudden he explained everything again im mouth struck due to those stupid explanation. But the last thing he asked what are you doing now and why are you standing here. I said petrol tank is empty and waved the petrol bunk that it is closed. He had some concern on me and asked to get some  petrol from his bike. I became very happy that i have a person to help me atlast. Do you think this is going to workout after searching for the petrol can. I just came to his bike to fill petrol. There i came to know that its not possible to remove petrol tube from his bike. I was fed up with everything. You know what this is what happens with you in all the situations. All the doors will be opened for you but the thing is your legs will be locked up not leaving you to step.

Whatelse to do. We were sitting in the road now, the time is 12.00. I called to one of my friend to get petrol and come. He has to travel 20kms to reach my place. It took 40 min for him to reach. He came by 12.40a.m.. And i filled petrol to my bike. I asked the person with me to go by bus you might ask this decision to be taken few hours before. Anyways that is called as the NEMESIS, after all I stepped into my home by 2.40a.m. So all the melodrama came to an end. Thanks for the one who bought petrol for me. Example of “A friend in need is a friend in deed”

So afterall this I should tell you why i have have to travel. What was the urge in me to do such crazzy things. Let me reveal all those stuffs in the next blog. Thanks for travelling with me all along for past 6 weeks.

(To be continued…)


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  1. I like ur helping mind ….😃😃😃I think soo u r experienced lot of problems ……but it s now a gud memories……….🤗🤗 Waiting for your nxt words………………

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