Caesar’s Riddle


Hope you all enjoyed my twists and turns. Lets get into the business. Why i wanted to get into such a mess eventhough i had N number of options to have a proper ending. But does it sounds good. Before getting into it, I have a few questions to you all.

Are you happy with what you are now?

Are you doing justice to your desire?

Have you ever done something that brings enormous pleasure to your soul?

And the last one Are you all living the life that you wanted to?

You might ask the same questions with to me too. What to do i’m one among you. But a bit different trying for a solution to all these stuffs. You think Sitting inside a nest that gives you extreme safety? its not. You are living life of boredom. Am not saying you to get into a mess or get your life into risk which i did stupidly. All in the end we have a life that can be lived thrice. You might blink how it can be thrice?, Its one with the past that gave you lessons . One with the present that gives you hope to change the past. And one with the Future that is a mystery.

I have a past that taught me lessons that gave me pulchritudinous stuffs. Im more of a person who expects future to be enigmatic. I do had hatred on myself for being such a mess. Once my life weren’t been that ease when i had thoughts that only penny that gives you happiness. I had been in mental stress when you see people around you get whatever they wish. You don’t even know what you are looking for. Just Facebook and whats app were te only places to share my emotions.

I know i’m dieing inside due to all those sentimental stuffs in home, my misfortunes with my past, Friends who broke my belief on them, Profession that makes you pissed off, above all one last thing that gives you heart ache is the inner voice that tells you that you are not fit to this life. So how i led my lyf can be expressed with following terms

Face With Beard

Bike with no Fuel

Pocket with No Money

Lip with No Smile

Uncertain Profession

Life with Emptiness

I was fed up or f***ed up. Getting tensed with all but smiling like an idiot. During these hardships supreme power had a wish to resolve my problem by giving three different ideas through one of my well wisher. First Hang out with your love its ruled out i did’t had a partner at that time. 2nd one is read books, yeah i became a reader from that time. But still i didn’t get filled up. 3rd one ‘Start to Travel‘ . I think some supreme power heard my voice i think, a sudden official trip to the capital of India. I packed up everything i wanted and few books of chetan bhagat since i became a reader as i told you a few moments earlier.

Trip Lasted for a week. In between we were into lots funny things . Last one and a half day we had time to roam around the city. First we went to Qutub minar from there to Redfort and there to India Gate. Inbetween My colleague lost his luggage in metro. Lol when i think those moments it put smile on my face since its his bag not mine. And we had a shopping at Chandni chawak near to red fort. You know what we haven’t had anything from the morning we forgot that too. From there reached India Gate at 10p.m. We had booked our train from Agra since we had plans to visit Tajmahal. We got bus from Delhi to Agra around 11p.m i hardly remember.

He was very tired so he slept. I was the time passing through the windows dreaming somewhere through the lights of the highways. My Soul was searching something beyond a limit. I know i’m into something that is new to me and that was urging my heart to beat faster. Let me call it as Love ‘O’ Phobia. Catch you next week With few more chapters of my life and travel. And few more feelings of my soul that will express you what fills my heart when i Travel.


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  1. U have a lot of experience ….by reading the blog I m thinking that I too wanna experience those things …love o phobia spr ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚new words r playing in ur blogs๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰waiting for ur nxt words………..

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  2. Ur questions r gud… But my ans is similar to yours…. Life is full of puzzles so there s lots of ups and downs…. But I’m expecting a nest but it’s not realistic life… My attitude s start each day with a grateful heart. And i think tat sole we can do… Yeah…. Let me know Ur remo part…. Ha ha haaaa….

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