Virginal Vampire



We reached agra by 3 in the morning. Struggling with my sleep. My soul was restless finding her in every pieces of my heart. Do you find it very bored as everyone says the same kind of stuff.  Let me try and change it with my own. Every stars reminds me the blink of hers. Every breeze fills with her essence. Now what should I do? left a text to her. The thing is your heart will be fine until the single tick mark changes to the blue mark in your whats app and atonce heart throttles up at a higher rate.

Yes she read the message. She started to ping. Let me sum up i don’t want throw back all my memories. I told her the following things

I’ll never say love you

But ‘ll take care of you with all pleasure

I’ll never hold your hands

But I’ll be there always to safeguard you when you get panicked to cross the roads.

I’m still finiding my terms to fill it up

And the last I’ll never push you to love all my stuffs. It’s upto you to choose or not to. If it is yes let me celebrate as your bae. If not will remain as your naughty friend. When you say all you wanted still your heart pumps at a higher rate. All you wanted is a reply from her. Let me press the pause button.

Now my story is getting elongated somewhere from between passion and love. Let me say about passion and then about love. From Caesar’s Riddle you would have found me as a person of sorrows. But I never showoff I will be smiling always. But to my heart I will be erupting like a volcano. Travel made my lava to get freezed up. I know still I didn’tsay whats in it.

Think yourself as an infant and answer my points

Have you smiled unknowingly without any reasons?

Have you felt the silence in you heart without doing stuffs that fills your heart?

Have you ate something that you have never tasted with your tongue before?

Have you ever got aid with someone you never met before?

You might had got the answer! Few might not dont worry you already have the answers. You did all these things when you are an infant. Think in such a way i had insisted you before my queries.  The same thing i experience when i travel. I had became a child who get plenty of anxiety when they see each and everything passes through their vision.

I get immense pleasure when a stranger helps me to find the path. I smile weirdly without reasons. I sleep at places where i dont pay a rent too.

The Hills that has turns at every few sec’s which portray my current life.

The Sea that gives utter silence to my soul which i never get in current scenarios.

Forests that shows the beauty of divine.

Few things left unsaid since its a matter of heart that fails with words.

Never neglect anything that comes into your path, Either it ‘ll leave answers to the puzzle called life. All i can suggest you is live a life that gives you eternal memories than dealing with a life of stuffs.

Apart from the blog I wanted to share few things that made me low. I’m the person who struggles with the all kind of pins that pinches your heart. Making holes to bury my thoughts, ambitions. Money a black magician who makes you to sit in a chair for hours and chants the mantras to break your heart. Nights became sleepless Days became colourless. I’m running a long run which has no destination, no reasons, nothing else. And why am i still running is to cheat myself that i’m happy with my life. Thats why am travelling. But all in the end i’m happy with what i’m as of now.

Let me come with an interesting fact of society and travel.

I might had bored you with my ending. But still i wanted to share my thoughts that sinks into the ocean of life.

(To be continued…)


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  1. Ur way of making sentence is awsm… in this u just spilled out ur feelings ….😄😄ur questions made us think whom we r🤔🤔waiting fr ur nxt words😊😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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