Oh ! My Holy Grail



Virginal Vampire i tried to express my feelings in my own way. This is how things persuaded with me. I got new dimensions to my life. I got friends, I got new things which can be expressed in a single term life. I felt like a new born baby when i saw the sun rise at a point where no one had dreamt off. Life is a single EMI plan that god had given you for few years. The truth is we can payback only with happiness that blossoms wherever you travel.

Do you think it is that easy to travel?.. I’ll say yes if I’m a masculine and no if I’m a gynic. It doesn’t mean that gynic are inferior to masculine. It’s the factor of various considerations. There are few who break those considerations and live the life they wanted rest are inside the pit where they are neither buried nor shout for help where none is there too. I can say that gynic are special creature some supreme power had visualized. But now i don’t think that supreme power is still playing it’s role.

Let me try to spot out few things. Answer me honestly

Do only Masculine have the potential to rough it out?

Has Supreme power given wisdom only to Masculine?

Is there any vedas or any other holy books sayings gynic that are not allowed to look into the world?

Many more is yet to be spotted out but let me wind up with this. For me, Its like building everlocked cage and thinking that bird is happy inside since you had constructed a angelic barrier. It’s not happiness, They attain the wisdom only when they open their wings to fly against the fresh air. Then only the bird attains its birth right. Even though you satisfy your betterhalf, or your daughter, or your girl friend, or your mother, or whom so ever you meet in your life, ask them, if they are living with soul satisfication?.

I have many gynic friends who get jealous when i say i had been here and there, all those breath taking moments, crazzy stuffs etc. The only thing that comes from them is you are blessed. Why not you?(Inner Voice), You are enjoying your life. Why not you?(IV). You are living life you want it to be. Why not you?(IV). The readers know the answer c’mon gynic are slaves right. Break these arrogant things. I think there is something fundamentally wrong with our ethos where gynic’s are caged. Leave them also to reach some other dimensions.

I can understand why still n number of parents deny to allow their princess even for a school excursion. The ultimate thing is fear of masculine and society. Even the gynic’s are scared to show off. I’m damn sure that 10/100 masculines makes a mistake and the rest try to live with it until something happens to their own. This blog is not to clean those garbages. Just to figureout the feelings of those who had shared with me. If you feel uncomfortable, take her to the safest places that you feel to be safe. Allow them to explore, Since they are having feelings that cannot be done until it happen.

I Promise my girl that i’ll not let her inside a box and say it’s life. I’ll backpack with her where ever she wanted too. I’ll show all those crazzy things she would have missed in her past. I’ll let her drive my horse, Let us listen to the music somewhere on the narrow roads where there is no one to examine. Let me lightup the candle on her b’day somewhere in the mid lake!.. When she wants the silence i’ll take her to a beach of where there is no one and let her listen to wave dances. I think it gives the silence that no one else can. I want a life to explore, to love, and to be loved. Let me kiss her where i can see her lighted up than the full moon.

My expectations are endless. But let me pray to the supreme power that i should get a girl who will be happy to backpack with me.

Last three weeks i had expressed all about me, hope you enjoyed. Next blog is all about my break up and a start to new voyage.


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  1. Wow ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎitzz too nice ..the para were u said hw u treat ur girl is lovely๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ur life partner is lucky to get a person like u…… waiting fr ur nxt blog๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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