Romeo In Wonderland


20170621181152_IMG_4475Few days we had fights. Few days we loved. Few days we cried. Everything was fine. We never talked 24/7 like all the bae’s did with their beloved since we had known each other for years. It doesn’t mean that those who are in love must be interacting the whole day. Discussing each and everyday stuffs, doesn’t mean that they are in deep love. Even if there is no conversation, no eye contact our soul should search her each and every second. I didn’t mean having conversations 24/7 is wrong, but that shouldn’t be a protocol in love. So we had conversations daily but they didn’t last long.

It was on a midnight i was somewhere on the terrace of my buddy’s home. Got a call from her, all were with their dream girl and myself with the girl of my dreams too. We were talking and talking it had become 2a.m. yet conversation didn’t end and i didn’t feel like ending it up. First time i heard something from her. You know what it is the first time she spelt those magical terms. With a blush that all the girls use to do when they express themselves, I can’t say she is totally different. She is very orthodox, keen, loving, etc etc. She said I love You for the first time over phone call. I was dancing with the sparkling stars, singing with the cool breeze, totally felt like life will be simple if everything goes fine like this now and Forever.

She asked about my first love, instead of being possessive, she listened with whole attention things became senti’. I had droplets in my eyes i didn’t showoff since i didn’t wanted her to feel like someone else is important than her. I shuffled the topics to make her comfortable. Now family, flashbacks, everything opened up she listened with patience. I know she is sweet. The time was 4 a.m. now, i didn’t want her to strain much. Finally we slept. Still I remember the place where I sat and had those everlasting conversations. You know that a magician called love is playing lots of mixed dramas in me.

But still I’m in a confused state, Whether the story will end up with smiles or tears. However, now i’m planning to meet her. Sorry we had plans to hang out. She was 500 kms away from me. Once she nodded her head for meet up, the first thing came in my mind is how am I going? whether by bus or train? . You all know that i’m addicted to travel but only with bikes. She’ll never allow such crazzy stuffs. But I’m a pagal as you all know. I pretended myself that i can’t travel by bus i’ll become sick. Finally she nodded her head. Yes , I’m excited! A ride to meet my jaan that too so far made me crazzy. Waited for the day to come,

Two souls getting united by Two wheels”

perfect quote for ride. I can say myself😉

So the ride started one fine saturday night with my buddy. I was excited to the core. A night ride, To meet your girl friend will be like Romeo In Wonderland

Roads became fairy land

Wheels became Wings

Heart became drums

So i can say it was like a ride to heaven where my angel exists. Lot of things where running in my mind, I’m gng to meet her for the first time after we started loving each other. Wanted to look into her eyes. Hold her hands. Catch her eyes that slip out from me in shy. To take my queen in my chariot. To have conversations which we never had before. So everything is set. I reached there by 5a.m. . Went to my friend’s pg. Slept for few hours. Ready to meet her now. Left my buddy in room and started.

Reached her place and waited. She came, neatly dressed! as usual. She smiled and I did in return too. Held my shoulders. We planned to go for a shopping mall. She was nervous and scared. I know she is not comfortable with bike ride. Only for my sake she said yes, she felt like all were staring. She started blabbering in fear. I was comforting her, I’m with you don’t worry, nothing ‘ll go wrong.

So did this happiness and magics last long? , Will let you know in my next blog. Catch you soon….

(To be continued)


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  1. Ur love story is very interesting ….in between quote s nice…..waiting fr ur next words…..😊😊😊😊soon come with an interesting words….😉

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